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Our Business Philosophy

Founded in 1992, Westport Group is one of the leading owners, developers and operators of first-class real estate in major metropolitan areas across the United States.

As a vertically integrated, full-service development company, we have achieved this position by recognizing opportunities where most others see only difficulties and then creatively transforming these opportunities into first-class real estate assets.

Our investment strategy begins with identifying trends which create long-term profit opportunity, then identifying properties that can benefit from our active involvement. We approach each project as a stand-alone business in order to create maximum value for our investors.

Our strong work ethic that welcomes complex challenges, combined with a culture that encourages creativity across a variety of disciplines, has enabled Westport Group to develop an outstanding real estate portfolio. We create properties that attract investors and tenants who appreciate the quality of our work and the integrity of our organization. From Manhattan to Chicago, from Connecticut to Charlotte, our development projects have been acknowledged for setting the standard of excellence in our industry.

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